Comparing Hand-held bans in Canada and US

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Cell Phone Bans in Canada

Cell Phone Bans in Canada

It is clear in Ontario that texting, talking, or using a cell phone while driving is against the law, but let’s look at the other provinces and territories to see how their laws compare to ours.

How do you think that Ontario compares to the other provinces/ territories?

The infographic above gives a quick glance into the consequences for each province and territory. It shows that throughout Canada, hand-held devices are not welcome in the hands of drivers.

Compare this to the map below. This map shows how many states have a ban on cell phones.

How do you think that Canada compares to the States?

Cell Phone Bans in the USA

Cell Phone Bans in the USA

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Where I have been.. and a Sleigh Ride

So, it has been a while… Life has got in the way, I guess.

Over the next few weeks I am hoping to update this with things I have done, things I have seen, and other important stuff along the way.

In the mean time, enjoy this video:

I had some fun with my new Sony ActionCam.

Went to a friend’s barn and went on a sleigh ride. They have amazing horses. He is training his younger horse for hitching. Also Animal Noses. :)

Stay Curious,


Street Art Fest, Guelph

What I like about Guelph is that it is pretty artsy. Street Art Fest, put on by Downtown Guelph, was a perfect addition to Guelph’s Culture Days on Sept 27-29.

They closed down a street and put up a multitude of canvases for people to paint, draw, spray to their own liking.

I saw some amazing talent on the street, so happy I went to this.

Local events are a perfect way to try out some different photography techniques. Get low, go high, play with your focus. The events are usually free or cheap, and are happening all the time.

What’s your favourite local event going on this fall?

Mad Hatter Balloon animal maker

Mad Hatter Balloon animal maker

Street artist Bango Skank and his amazing art

Street artist Bango Skank and his amazing art

Culture Days flags in Guelph

Culture Days flags in Guelph

Worldwide Photowalk

Something really exciting is happening next Saturday. The 6th Annual Worldwide Photowalk.

It’s a social event for photo enthusiasts, to walk around your city, take pictures, and share them with the world.

You can find out what it is all about and if there is a walk in your city here.

I’m going on two walks that day. On in Guelph: Here and one in Fergus: Here.

I am super excited about this event and I look forward to sharing the pictures with you after!

Stay curious,