There are so many bad remarks about being curious. “you’re nosy” “you ask a lot of questions” “don’t you know, curiosity killed the cat”.

Well, fuff to that.

Curiosity is one of the best qualities.

You are interested in learning about something you may not have experienced before or you have experienced it and you want to know more.

That is absolutely fantastic!

I want to know more about everything. Bring it on.

So, I made a little something to show off my love for curiosity!

What are you most curious about?


Stay Curious,



Up we GO!

I was invited to go flying and did aerobatics in a Pitts Special Biplane with pilot Stefan Trischuk at the Whitecourt Airport. We did some loopty-loops, barrel rolls, and even flew upside down. (Those are completely technical terms.) I think we got to 2.5 or 3 Gs.

It was awesome.

Also, FYI, I am not screaming in fright. I am WOOHOOing. It’s different.

The Whitecourt Hometown Heroes Air Show is July 26 and 27, 2014.

Up we GO! from Olivia Rutt on Vimeo.

This Crazy, Addictive Rodeo Life

I recently wrote a features article about the ups and downs of being in a rodeo in the Whitecourt Press. I interviewed a number or rodeo competitors from the area and a rodeo announcer.

My article in the Whitecourt Press

My article in the Whitecourt Press

It’s a long read but here’s the article. I’ve also added in some photos from the Sangudo Rodeo.

This crazy addictive rodeo life

Your hand is secure. You can feel the muscles of the bull underneath your legs, hoping it will stay calm in the chute. You breathe. You clear your mind and nod.

The gate flies open and everything happened at once. The bull is out, bucking, as it takes everything in you to stay on. Those eight seconds are the longest and shortest eight seconds of your life. Then it’s over, whether you stay on or get bucked off, it is over.


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